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  1. muCommander: a cross-platform file manager
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  4. The only app you need to manage files on Mac, PC and Cloud from your iPad or iPhone

FileBrowser's efficient network access means that you can browse folders and view files even over a cellular connection. AirDrop is useful to transfer a file from one device to another, but FileBrowser is also able to send and receive an entire folder over AirDrop. For more flexibility when copying files, use FileBrowser's built-in file server on one device and connect using the wizard from another device. We pride ourselves on the quality of our apps and want you to have the best experience.

muCommander: a cross-platform file manager

Have you emailed an app developer and received no response? If our support pages don't resolve your problem, we will do our best to help you via email when you need it to get connected.

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If you need file access in your apps why not speak to us about using our API. See our API page for more. If permitted by your browser, this site uses cookies for anonymous statistics. See our privacy policy for more info.

Privacy Policy Site Map. Over one million people worldwide use FileBrowser to access their documents. Easy Setup Our setup wizard will have you connected in no time. No additional software is needed. One app to access all your files Access all your cloud accounts and home computer storage from one app Using many apps to access all your cloud accounts can be a pain.

How To Open File-Browser Using Terminal/Cmd In Linux/Windows/Mac

Network Drives. Google Drive Team Drive. Dropbox Dropbox Business.


BackBlaze B2. Top Tip: More file access features. Secure FileBrowser's security is trusted by global organisations We pride ourselves in the security of our product and the flexibility it provides you. Fast Network Access Super fast transfer speeds Our developers have over 25 years experience in file transfer technologies and have made this the fastest file transfer app we've seen.

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The missing piece Enhance the Files apps with network access. Give network access to existing apps Many apps now use the iOS Files chooser to access their documents. Step by step guide. Sync feature only available in FileBrowserGO. Best of its kind Looked at several other file browsing apps - none of them came close to the ease of use and functionality of this one.

New features keep being added as well! Must have!

Alternative file manager for Windows

Browse your photos over WiFi Share them with the whole family via Airplay or Chromecast Do you transfer all your photos to your main computer when you get back from Holiday? More photo features. Easily Backup your photos Use our backup feature to sync your photos to a home computer or the cloud Backing up all your photos, videos and memories can be a chore. Listen to Music, Audiobooks or Podcasts. Simple Setup. It includes tabs, a customizable user interface, file-filtering features, and can even run as a portable app without any installation. If all you want is a tabbed interface and a few other things, this is a great option.

All of these programs offer paid editions they want you to purchase. On the bright side, this means that they see more development than many alternative Windows file managers, and their business model is selling software instead of trying to load your computer with crapware in their installers. It also includes a dual-pane interface and other powerful features. Developers in particular can get a lot of use out of its intergrated Git and Subeersion support, as well as easy access to a terminal.

Linux Users Have a Choice: Every file manager tends to match its desktop environment in philosophy. Thunar, like Xfce itself, is a more minimal, barebones file manager that still has everything you need and gets the job done.

The only app you need to manage files on Mac, PC and Cloud from your iPad or iPhone

So, do we think everyone needs to hunt down an alternative file manager? Not at all. But lots of geeks do love their alternative file managers, and for good reason.