Usare controller xbox 360 su mac

How to use the Xbox 360 controller on Mac
  1. How to connect controller with NoxPlayer | NoxPlayer
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How to connect controller with NoxPlayer | NoxPlayer

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A few Mac games are accommodating enough that they'll recognize your connected controller, and might even let you pick your own control scheme. If this works, you can forget Gamepad Companion because you won't need it and skip right down to our very last step. Halo should have no trouble with your controller once the driver's installed. And while we haven't tested this, Feral Interactive has hinted at support for the driver in Bioshock.


Unfortunately, lots of Mac games force their default control schemes on us, and we hardly expected a shareware driver to be immediately compatible with every game. Get ready to do some key mapping. Before you buy, be advised that the app's debut build is having mouse-compatibility issues.

But it's still the best simple key-mapper, and plenty of great games hardly rely on the mouse anyway. Fire up Gamepad Companion and click the Stop button on the right to select your controller in the left-most panel.

Controller for eso

For now, let's stick to single-action buttons. We'll map controls to the thumbsticks and triggers next. Key mapping in Gamepad Companion is simple. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins.


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Guide Index. Setting up Joy2Key. My guide on general Isaac tips and tricks can be found here Firstly, download Joy2Key here [joytokey. Now go to 'Joystick 1' to set up the gamepad buttons: You can now set the buttons to whatever you like. Enjoy Isaac on your controller! Remember to open Joy2Key each time before you play Isaac and close it when you're finished!

Thank you. This helped alot thanks.