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Ippo Makunouchi Vs Little Mac by WizzyWhipItWonderful
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X-distroyer Featured By Owner Jan 19, That's a good point indeed.

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Little Mac fight against some really big enemies. MT and DK is great examples, as you said.

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Oh, I knew about Mike Tyson. Due to some problems, he was changed to Mr. Played the NES version in my childhood and really loved the game. Gabeatle Featured By Owner Apr 20, Show What you have, Mac! Good Work. Thank you very much, Gabe! Gabeatle Featured By Owner May 2, To you to make good Art Man! Keep The Good Work. Both of them are absolute beasts, I just can't put my money on any of 'em! Oh yeah! Well said! Would be awesome if really happen! And I choose Ipo for the win, of course, with a furious battle.

Me too, Neoma!

Little Mac Vs Ippo

Efryon Featured By Owner Sep 17, Thanks for the comment, man! Edremail Featured By Owner Aug 8, Fantastic piece! To me, the "Dempsey Roll" is a bit like the Hondo Rush, only much more powerful and definitely faster, like a big "buff" to the move. Mac likely wouldn't be able to block it, but he has a very small chance of dodging. But knowing Mac, he could find a way to stop it from happening. Sandman switched arms, meaning he used multiple punches. And at the end, there were still walls standing up. Mac's stamina seems like a peak athlete, lasting 3 rounds.

On the other hand, Ippo can take blow after blow from boxers as strong as him.

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Even when he can't breathe, even when the bones in his fist are broken, he'll take the punishment and dish it back even harder. Ippo can even fight while unconscious and he can keep on fighting and punching constantly for 10 rounds. Mac's opponents are stronger than Ippo but Mac also goes down much easier and much faster to said opponents. In the end, while durability goes to Mac, stamina easily goes to Ippo. So Mac's stronger and more durable while Ippo is faster and has superior stamina. So what gives Ippo the win? Well, first of all, the gap between strength and durability is a lot smaller than the gap between speed and stamina.

But I digress. Ippo's patient defensive strategies may fall short to Mac's swarmer and out-boxer skills, but Ippo is much more versatile in the end. Ippo has adapted to the strategies of multiple opponents in the middle of battle. Said opponents were far more complex and tricky than Mac or his opponents who use basic and telegraphed attacks that are remarkably easy to dodge. Mac's basic boxing moves are also a problem as well. All Mac's got is suped up punches and a featless Giga Mac form that's too slow and dumb to do anything useful against an opponent as complex as Ippo.

A final nail in the coffin is the fact that Mac's never fought someone smaller than him, which Ippo ironically is. Ippo just has so many techniques and adaptability that Mac cannot even begin to compare to.

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So yes, this is why I am under the unpopular opinion that Ippo defeats Little Mac in a match. A new boxing rivalry is in the house!

This matchup is incredibly close, but in my mind, Mac will take this in a close bout. Both are fast enough to outpace eyesight, but Mac is stronger and slightly tougher than Ippo. Ippo can carry 10 coolers filled with ice, yes, but Mac can punch harder than a charging bull. Ippo can take blows from 2-tonners, but Mac can take hits from people that can drag delivery trucks with their teeth, box with bears on a daily basis, and level buildings with their fists. Now, who has Mac defeated in a fight?

As much as I'm rooting for Little Mac, I gotta say that Ippo mind end up having this: Not just for the reasons that Gimmy listed below, but the fact that Ippo has such a WIDE variety of moves that it'll be difficult for Little Mac to figure out a pattern and counter for all of them immediately.

Most of Little Mac's previous foes have a pattern or attacks they use more than once during a fight which allows Mac to plan around them that, and he has Doc Louis giving him helpful advice between rounds but by the time Little Mac can counter something Ippo throws out successfully, Ippo will just throw something else out which can take him off guard. Little Mac won't go down with out a fight, but I think after this match he'll be retiring assuming he survives since Strunton Featured By Owner May 11, I know it's been a while since this was posted, and I don't even know if this fight is still happening, but I may as well throw my thoughts into the ring.

Personally, This is actually really close. There seems to be this idea that Mac is building level because Mr. Sandman tore down a building. While he clearly tore it down, it was certainly NOT with one punch. In the small intro video for Mr. Sandman, the one where he destroys the building, we see him first punch the building with his left fist, and the next shot we see him using his right, indicating that there is more then one punch.

Plus, we are never given a clear time frame and his single punches are barely enough to take down one wall in one go, meaning that it likely took a while to perform.

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Ippo managed to arm-wrestle Takamura, a dude who wrestled with and punched out an Asian Black Bear, almost perfectly evenly. Ippo also accidentally punched a large metal machine out of the ground despite it being bolted into the ground. However, I would honestly pass durability to Ippo, as he is literally famous for his endurance and stamina and has survived numerous blows that have been stated to be fatal and could kill a man Ippo survived against Sawamura, who's punch was potentially fatal, and Ippo remained standing.

Not only that, but Ippo also seems to be far faster as he has since surpassed foes who once could move at speeds faster then the eye could track, whereas Little Mac's speed feats seem to pale, generally speaking. Sure, Mac beat Piston Hando, who can run alongside a bullet train Which generally move at subsonic speeds AKA Faster then the eye can track , but Ippo has faced off against and easily defeated a serious Itagaki, who's speed was comparable to Miyata's, and Miyata is fast enough to literally vanish from sight and he is so fast that even a Champion lost track of his movements entirely.

While Mac is certainly a strategic fighter, so is Ippo, as he was able to formulate plans to combat the likes of skilled boxers Wally and Date. Granted, Ippo is more likely to end up being outwitted, but that's not to say Ippo wouldn't out-think Mac at some points. To add to that, Ippo also has a ton of techniques like the Counter, One Centimeter Punch, three different versions of the Dempsey Roll With a FOURTH one being developed called the Diagonal Dempsey Roll, which was made specifically to counter the weaknesses of the original Dempsey Rolls , The Heart Break Shot His variation of the technique is also not as predictable as Date's since Ippo's version simply relies on striking the heart with enough force rather then using a corkscrew motion, which is normally clearly visible before the punch is thrown and the Tornado Jolt, which he managed to copy from his opponent mid-fight and surpassed said opponent with it.

Between the two, Mac will last a while due to his slightly superior strength, his slightly better strategic mind, Second Wind and his Power Up in which general stats are boosted. Could go either way imo, but I think I'll be siding with Ippo Partially because nobody here is siding for him and assumes the fight is a stomp.

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  • One Minute Melee - Little Mac vs Makunouchi Ippo.
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Strunton Featured By Owner May 2, Did you make the Mac bio yourself? If so, can I use it for a fight? I'll give credit. Strunton Featured By Owner Feb 14, However, Mac stomps even without that scaling. He fights opponents capable of destroying buildings and is considerably faster via fighting opponents who can keep pace with bullet trains. Seriously everyone little macs best strength feats were only used in smash bros which is non cannon and little mac can,t even punch someone through manhole covers or head gear while ippo can punch people through headgear if little mac wins i call bs.

Oh, right. Most of those opponents have never dodged someone that created after images also most of those opponents are cocky on underestimate mac do to his size what are the chances ippo will do that? And, mind you, there are bosses in Punch Out who have more impressive feats than anything Ippo has done, so there's no reason Mac should lose this.

If you're entire argument is literally just "I'm right because someone else said so", then you have no argument, and you're not worth debating. Strunton Featured By Owner Jan 28, Dk was even making the ring shake so he probably wasn,t even using his full potential and he may have beat mr sandman but little mac can,t even beat king hippo through his sewer lid or glass Joe with his headgear without knocking them off first. Little Mac's feats from the later games are far beyond what Ippo's dealt with. If this was just the original Little Mac whose biggest accomplishment was knocking out Mike Tyson, we'd have more of an even fight, but as is, Ippo's going down for the count.

About time someone's doing this match.

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As for who I think will win, I'd have to go with Little Mac. This sounds like something Mac can win with what you presented. Faster than the eye can see Vs guy who fought a guy who can move faster than a Bullet Train. A straight forward fighter Vs a master of countering. Prev Next. Knuckles vs Wolverine Rush: Alright. The combatants are set!

Let's end this debate once and for all!