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The use of the electronic signature does not exempt users from including in the electronic document or communication any identification data required in accordance with applicable legislation. The use of electronic signature systems by citizens will mean that the bodies of the General Central Government Administration or any attached or dependent public bodies may use the personal data provided in order to verify the signature.

The Ministerial Order on the obligatory nature of communicating electronically with the General State Administration and its bodies must be published in the Official National Gazette and on the Virtual Head Office of the body or public organisation in question and, where applicable, the practice of providing administrative notices via electronic means and any required use of electronic registers specified. Through regulations, the public administrations can make it obligatory to communicate with them via electronic means, when the interested parties are legal entities or groups of natural persons that, due to their economic or technical capacity, profession or other accredited reasons, have guaranteed access to the required technological means.

The obligatory nature of communicating electronically with the bodies of the General Central Government Administration and its associated or dependent public bodies, as provided for in article This obligation may consist, where applicable, of providing administrative notices by electronic means and the obligatory use of any electronic registers specified.

The regulation that establishes said obligation will specify the communications to which it applies, the electronic means in question and those persons subject to this obligation. If it is obligatory to communicate via electronic means and said means are not used, the competent administrative body will require the situation to be rectified and will advise the user that if the requirement is not met, the communication submitted will not be valid or effective. The Public Administrations can authorise, either generally or specifically, authorised natural persons or legal entities to carry out certain electronic transactions on behalf of interested parties.

Said authorisation must specify the conditions and duties to which the representatives must adhere and will establish the validity of the representation unless otherwise stated in applicable regulations. The Public Administrations can at any time request accreditation of said representation. The use of electronic signatures for the electronic offices guarantees their identity and secure communication. The office certificate is the electronic signature system which guarantees the identity of the office, that is, that the citizen is really on a site belonging to the administration and nobody has replaced the page.

It also guarantees the establishment of secure connections to provide the confidentiality required for data exchanged by citizens using the offices. The office certificate is not used for the electronic signature of documents and procedures. It is valid for providing secure and confidential communication channels and for reliably identifying the office. The General Central Government Administration and its associated or dependent public bodies can use secure code systems for document verification when carrying out automated procedures.

This code will link to the body or organisation and, where applicable, to the signatory of the document, enabling the integrity of the document to be checked through access to the corresponding Virtual Head Office. To sign procedures and documents, in addition to the office stamp, administrations can use secure code systems for document verification. It must also guarantee the possibility of verifying the document for the time period established in the resolution authorising the application of this procedure.

The Administration responsible for the application of this system will have a direct procedure which is free of charge for interested parties.

FNMT-RCM configuration software

The necessary measures will be adopted to guarantee the record of authentication and integrity of the documents following the expiration of the verification system availability period, so that they can subsequently be filed. In order to improve electronic interoperability and to make it possible to verify the authenticity of the electronic documents without the need to access the Virtual Head Office to check the secure verification code, the signature can be superimposed onto the document using the electronic stamp.

The Ministry of the Presidency will manage a platform for verifying the revocation status of certificates accepted within the General Central Government Administration and dependent or associated public bodies, as provided for in article This platform will enable verification of the revocation status and the content of the certificates and the service will be provided freely and free of charge to all Spanish and European public administrations.

It is a procedure that can be carried out electronically. That is, via the internet without having to go to an office in person. Some procedures require you to provide electronic identification in the same way that you would also have to provide ID if you were carrying out the procedure in person. Cl ve is managed by the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration system, designed to unify and simplify electronic access of citizens to public services.

These mechanisms allow citizens to identify themselves when carrying out the process. For use, some mechanisms require registration in Cl ve. More information on the official website of Cl ve. There are different ways to register for Cl ve along with a wide network of offices where you can register in person or obtain an electronic certificate. We recommend locating the nearest office, which will avoid displacement and unnecessary delays. In any case, all information is available on the official page Key in How can I register. Perhaps the answer is in Cl ve :.

AutoFirma is a desktop application of Ministry of Finance and Public Administration, which allows you to perform the electronic signature of a headquarter's procedure on your local computer in a simple way and without using applets, allowing you to use web browsers that do not support this technology. Download Autofirma. You will need to have administrator privileges to install and run the application on your computer.

Sistema de Información Curricular de Ciencia e Innovación

In order for your browser to recognise the Headquarters as a safe site you should trust your electronic certificate issued by the Headquarters. This certificate is used to identify the office and to encrypt communications with your browser. One way of enabling this trust and for your browser to automatically recognise the certificate of this electronic office is to install the root certificates of the FNMT and FNTM-APE certificate authorities, the issuers of the certificates for this office.

A window similar to that shown below will open. In this window, select the option "Trust this CA to identify websites", "Trust this CA to identify email users" and "Trust this CA to identify software developers", and then click "Accept":. If you have followed the instructions step by step, you have correctly configured your Mozilla Firefox browser to access the virtual office.

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First, the window Certificate will appear, select the General tab and click on Install Certificate :. Then the certificate import wizard will start. In the first window of the wizard, click on Next :. In the window that appears, select the option Place all of the certificates in the next Repository and click Examine :.

In the next window we select the repository Trusted root certificate authorities and click Accept. An import confirmation message appears, click Accept and the wizard dialogue closes:. If you have followed the instructions step by step, you have correctly configured your Google Chrome browser to access the virtual office. It is possible that when accessing the pages of the Electronic Headquarters, your browser shows a message related with its security certificate.

The notice indicates that the website that you are visiting cannot be trusted, because your browser does not recognise the Certification Authorities of the certificates. In order for your browser to recognise the Headquarters as a trusted site, you should follow the steps indicated in the section Why and how to configure the root certificates in the browser? If you need to install a plug-in version of Java, because the procedure that you wish to perform is not compatible with your current version, then this may be due to one of these two reasons:.

Your plug-in version is older than the minimum version required. In this case, all you need to do is install an upgraded version that is newer than the one being asked for to perform the procedure. If a maximum version is not indicated, you can download the latest version of Java from: Download Java for free latest version.

Your plug-in version is later than the maximum version required. Once uninstalled, you will have to download and install a valid version of the plug-in.

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There are two possibilities:. To validate certificates issued by the Electronic Register and verify their signature, you must trust the root certificate of the signature certificate. To do so, configure the trusted identities of your PDF reader. In the case of Adobe Reader:. When you open a PDF document signed by the Ministry of Justice for the first time, you can add the root certificate of the signature certificate to the trusted identities in the following way:.

Start Formalities Information and help Search. What is the Virtual Head Office? What is included in the Virtual Head Office? What is the official date and time? The Teldat-M1 is compatible with scenarios with fiber with direct connectivity to the router through the SFP expansion card and the appropriate SFP device for the type of fiber. Figure 3. SHDSL is an excellent alternative to offer symetrical high speed accesses.

The Teldat-M1 supports these scenarios through the G. As expected, the rest of the options remain as given in the previous case.

Blog De Juan | libreta electronica de ofimatica e ingles

Figure 4. The Teldat-M1 supports this scenario through an expansion card with the said interface for full speed connections at 2. Figure 5. Serial to network Connectivity The Teldat-M1also supports serial connectivity through the expansion card for a serial port, with the support of synchronous and asynchronous communications and different link protocols such as Frame Relay, PPP or HDLC.

Figure 6. Expansion slot to adapt to complex or changing scenarios.

Cómo importar el certificado o firma digital en mi ordenador

USB port. VRF to adapt to complex or multiclient environments. Teldats hierarchic QoS system. Flexible application for flow priority, traffic marking and classification means that efficient use is made of the network resources and an accurate definition of the service level agreements SLAs. USB 2. Absence of fans so the routers can be installed anywhere in the branch. High processing capacity so performance in Ethernet communications is not affected. State of the art in router and bridge over Ethernet.

In cases of problems with the WWAN connectivity with a carrier, connectivity is carried out with an alternative carrier, consequently doubling the reliability of the connection. Its also possible to establish which SIM card to use based on timetables to manage tariffs.