How to save pictures from iphone 4s to mac

Method 1: Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac with iPhoto
  1. How to Transfer Pictures from Computer to iPhone 4S?
  2. How to transfer photos from iPhone to computer – 6 ways
  3. Method 2: How to Import Photos from iPhone to Mac with iPhoto/Photos App
  4. How to Transfer Photos from PC to iPhone with and without iTunes

In the connecting pane, this Android to iPhone transfer tool will detect your two phones automatically, you will then see them displayed on the starting window with Android phons in the Source and iPhone 6 in the Target position. Note: You can click Flip button in the middle to change the position of two connected phones. Mark photos, both Camera Roll and Photo Library in your Android Phone, and then please click Next button to start the photo transferring process.

Please do not disconnect neither phone in the transferring process. The data transfer process may take a while depending on the photo size in your android phones. Once finish, you will get Copy Completed prompt, click OK to close the window.

How to Transfer Pictures from Computer to iPhone 4S?

Besides, it also function as Audio converter, video converter, ringtone maker, etc. Download Win Version. After your Android Phone got connected, it will be shown in the primary window with photos and more files categorized. To backup Android phone photo to Windows PC, click Photos tab on the left panel of Syncios, you'll see all the photos on your device,.

Click Camera or Library on the right panel of the program to select the photos you need to transfer to PC, and then press "Export" option.

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Once Syncios has recognised your iPhone, Click Photos under your device name on the left panel, then go to the main panel of the program, where you will find these options: Import Photo , Export Photo , Remove Photo , Album List. Click Import , you can add the photos that are backed up on PC to your iPhone. Enter your email address below:.

How to transfer photos from iPhone to computer – 6 ways

Yes anne, if you read this article you will find there are different procedures for transferring photos from iPhone to a Mac versus to a PC. I had a old I phone 6s that I lost but when I bought a new I phone 7 all the old photos from that phone came up on new phone but when I plug the new phone into computer it only recognises the photos taken on the new phone not old photos. Thank you so much!

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac

New Mac owner, was being driven to distraction by the horrible articles Mac had on the subject. These instructions worked to get the actual files transferred over. You rule. So, I tried third-party photo transfer app. It works well.

Method 2: How to Import Photos from iPhone to Mac with iPhoto/Photos App

Every photo can be copied to my PC easily. After I transferred my pictures from my iPhone to my PC they display sideways on my screen. How can I fix this? Maybe I should use some transfer tools. But I want much tools for instead. Yes the Photos app will attempt to import all photos from an iPhone or camera into the Mac, all you do is connect it then click on the Import button. I have too many pictures and need them off pronto.

Thanks for posting this, so easy. Even for a long time mac user. Always used iPhoto but this is so much easier! Plug the iPhone to computer and begin transferring photos to PC by treating the iPhone as a moveable disk is the easiest way! Install Dropbox app onto both your iPhone and your PC. Then open the Dropbox app on your iPhone and switch to the Uploads tab. Family sends me photos in messages. Thanks you. If the iPhone has a password locking the device it may need to be unlocked before the photos can be transferred.

This depends on your security settings of course. The thousands literally of photos I need transferring from my old iPhone 3 to my PC, are all in separate folders. My iPhone is unlocked when connecting to my Windows PC, and I can see all the pics in my Camera Roll, but not the pics in the other folder. Great advice. But preview was exactly what was needed. I gotta tell ya, I am frustrated…. How do I fix this? Someone please help. If […].

Am I really going to have to import only one image at a time?? When I plug my iphone into my computer. I looked at another website and it required to download some app or something, but your suggestion literally took seconds! My iPhone automatically goes to the document to place photos because it set itself to do that and I have no clue how to unset it. Perfect advice! Attached to pc, opened my computer, simply copied all to a folder…entire process took less than a minute!

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Thanks for the great advice! Solved a big problem, now non-existent.

How to Transfer Photos from PC to iPhone with and without iTunes

The easiest way I found to transfer as many photos as I want from Iphone into mac is to connect the phone. Then, you need to launch the Preview application, go to file and export as many photos as you want to a specific file. Hope this helps. Thank you for advice.. I needed to remove photos from my iphone to my computer. I plugged in my iphone and via windows I followed the instruction on the box that poped up and cliked to erase pictures from iphone when download was completed.

I cannot find my pictures on the computer and they are no longer in my iphone. Can you help to find my pictures? Easiest way is to have a dropbox account. Its great cause u never have to connect your phone to your computer. It will just transfer you photos into a folder on your computer automatically when you want it to. Its kinda like icloud but u can store lots more and its easy acess to them on your computer.

Tried moving videos from my 4S to my Mac using the tip give, but kept getting an error message:.