Can a 2008 mac run mountain lion

Which Macs run Mountain Lion?
  1. Mountain Lion: What you need to know
  2. Minimum Requirements for OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)
  3. Confirmed: Mountain Lion sends some bit Macs gently into that good night | Ars Technica
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Mountain Lion: What you need to know

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How to Upgrade Unsupported Mac to macOS Mojave

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The About this Mac summary window will show your model and release date, as well as the amount of memory installed to compare with the basic requirements. Click the Storage tab to see if you have enough free space.

Minimum Requirements for OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)

One special note for Hackintosh people: Check Tonymac's blog post on getting ready for Mountain Lion for notes about additional requirements or potential issues. If you have a Mountain Lion-compatible system, continue on. If not, you could either think about upgrading your system or not worry about it—your version of OS X will continue to run just as fine as before, and Apple will likely still support it.

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You'll also want to do a quick check to see if your favorite apps are compatible with the new OS. You can check individual softwares' websites to find out if the developers are planning to support Mountain Lion or go to RoaringApps for a broad list of compatible and incompatible apps. The list is growing and ongoing, though, so if your app currently has an incompatible status, keep in mind that most apps will eventually update to support Mountain Lion.

Confirmed: Mountain Lion sends some bit Macs gently into that good night | Ars Technica

Mountain Lion only requires 8GB of disk space, but even if you're not running out of room on your hard drive, it's a good idea to clear your Mac of all the useless applications, temporary files, and other space wasters so you don't carry them over to your new setup. Our guide to speeding up, cleaning up, and reviving your Mac walks you through spring cleaning your Mac, including uninstalling apps you don't use and freeing up disk space, but, in short, here are the tools recommended for the task:.

For ongoing system maintenance, consider using a system optimization utility like our favorite Mac system tweaker , OnyX the developers note that OnyX for Mountain Lion is in development now. Actually, don't just backup your Mac—test that backup too.


Test the backups by doing a few restores of older and newer files to make sure you can recover your files if needed. Optionally, you can clone your entire drive using our favorite tool for the job , Carbon Copy Cloner , so you can restore the whole system if worse really comes to worst.

Regularly performing software updates is one of the few basic maintenance tasks you need to do for your Mac , and before an OS update it's especially important.